Jump Start Your House for SpringSpring is upon us and I am ready for the trees to bloom, grass to turn green, birds to chip and flowers to bloom. However, spring doesn’t always turn up flowers.  Sometimes, spring brings with it some severe rainstorms, and other perils such as lightning, hail, and wind that can cause damage to your home.  Is your house ready for spring?  Find out how you can jump start your home for spring!

Spring Clean the Outside of Your Home 

Let’s start with the exterior of your home and pinpoint some spring cleaning tips to get your home ready for the upcoming season.

Prune Damaged Trees- Go around your property and inspect your trees.  Look for signs of rot or dying trees.  Spring means lots of winds and if you have trees that are dying and they fall, it may end up being your financial responsibility.  Also, trim your trees to keep the limbs away from power lines, your roof, and other property.

Trim Shrubs- Burglars look for homes that have shrubs that may act as a shield for them to break in and steal your possessions.  Make sure you trim your shrubs so your home is visible and people can’t hide.

Inspect Your Roof- Warmer weather means it’s time to climb on the roof to inspect for any type of damages caused by winter perils, such as snow and ice.  Also check for loose or rotting shingles that could lead to water leakage and make the necessary repairs.

Clean the Gutters- During the fall and winter, your gutters may be filled with debris, leaves, small sticks, and other things that can clog them.  Spring is the time to clean your gutters and make sure your down pipes are free from any clogs.  This helps to prevent water damage and leaks.

Check Doors and Windows- These need to be checked on the inside and exterior of your home for signs of cracks where leaks and rot can form due to moisture.  If you detect any seals that have dried out or cracks that need to be re-caulked, take action immediately. This should help keep out leaks and moisture.

Review Your Homeowner’s Coverages- It is recommended you contact your local Alabama independent insurance agent every year to review your homeowner’s coverages to ensure you have adequate insurance protection.  As your life changes, so might your coverage.

Don’t Forget the Appliances Inside Your Home

Air Conditioning- Have a certified HVAC person inspect the AC, change the filter, and make any necessary repairs BEFORE you need the AC.

Smoke Detectors- Once a year you want to change the batteries and check to make sure all your smoke detectors are in proper working order.

Water Heater- Spring is the time to go ahead and have all your appliances inspected.  Look for signs of leaks or corrosion that need to be addressed.  By doing this you are reducing the likelihood of water damages in the future.  If you see anything suspicious, contact a licensed plumber who can do a thorough inspection to ensure it is working properly. 

Dryer- In an effort to prevent a fire, it is recommended you clean the lint hose on your dryer once a year and what better time than spring?  Cleaning the dryer exhaust duct will help minimize the chance of a fire starting and it can reduce the amount of drying time which means saving money.

With warmer weather, it is easier to get outside to do some simple spring-cleaning inspections all around your home.  Your home is your investment, and you deserve to keep it free from perils that can happen. Contact us at Burkett & Associates and we will assist you with any questions or concerns about your Alabama homeowner’s coverage options and any further information on how to spring clean your home.  Don’t wait!  Call us TODAY at 256-704-7400.