Nurse Hotline 24/7Accidents in the workplace happen all too often.  In fact, over 2.9 million injuries happen at work each year and as a business owner, you have to take precautionary measures to minimize the risks of injury.  Making sure your employees are working in a safe environment is a priority; however, injuries and accidents can and do still happen.  When an accident/injury does happen, filing a Workers’ Compensation claim is typically initiated.  The good news is that many insurance companies are now partnering with a business which offers a service called the Nurse Hotline.

What is the Nurse Hotline?

The Nurse Hotline serves as a “medical management” program that provides prompt and expert nurse assistance for workplace injuries.  Below are some advantages of using this unique and modern service for both the employee(s) and employer.

  • Expedites the claim right away by immediate reporting
  • 24/7 access to highly skilled and trained RNs (Registered Nurses) for medical advice
  • Allows for quicker treatment options due to the RNs ability to assess the injury and direct the injured person to the appropriate medical facility
  • Reduces the medical costs for the employer by getting the nurse triage assistance over the phone to address the injury, determine if further treatment is needed, and then either directs the employee to the necessary medical facility or provides at-home instructions on caring for the injury
  • Reduces the time the employee is out of work

*If any injury is life threatening, call 911 right away

Nurse Hotline FAQs

Can you explain how it works?

When an employee is injured on the job, the employee and his/her supervisor immediately contact the nurse hotline to report the claim. The RN will address the injury and provide triage care over the phone and will direct the injured person to the appropriate medical facility if further treatment is needed.  Furthermore, the nurse will complete the necessary paperwork for the injured employee and forward to that facility so upon arrival, all of that is completed and the treatment expedited.  This service serves as a “fast track” for the injured employee.

What is the job of the RN?  

The Nurse Hotline is staffed by RNs and their job is to assist injured employees and provide the appropriate care for that specific injury.  That may mean providing at-home instructions on how to care for the injury or direct the person to the necessary facility for the treatment required.

Should the supervisor talk to the RN or the injured employee?

Either the supervisor or the employee can actually call the Nurse Hotline, but the RN will need to speak with the injured person, if at all possible.  The nurse will need to tie down specific information regarding the injury, level of pain, allergies, medications, past medical history, and other personal information.

What if the employee doesn’t speak English?

Your call is important! The good news is that Spanish is available 24/7 and when there is any other language spoken, other than Spanish or English, there is a language line available.  Typically, there is no hold time, and the call centers strive to answer each call within 30 seconds.

What if the injury is serious and/or life threatening?

The Nurse Hotline program is designed to assist with injuries happening at the workplace that are NOT life, eyesight or limb threatening.  If the employee has a serious or life-threatening injury, it is recommended you call 911 immediately.

Will the RN complete a Report of Injury? 

Yes, the nurse will get the necessary information to complete a Report of Injury Report.

If the injured employee later has questions can he/she call the hotline?

Of course.  Many times, after the injured person returns home, he/she may have additional questions regarding the injury or the recommended plan of action to treat the injury.  Also, symptoms may change, so calling back is encouraged.

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