Water DamageAs a business owner, you must be ready for those unexpected situations that can impact your day-to-day operations.  Life is unpredictable but being prepared for a burst pipe or flooding due to severe weather is a must.  Water damage can seriously affect your business operations, not to mention your business dwelling so read on to learn some ways you can protect your business from water damage.

Don’t Let Water Damage Drain Your Business

When water damage strikes your business, your main objective is to get that business back up and running as smoothly as possible.  Here are some proactive measures you can take to prevent delays in your business operations and restore your property.

Invest in a Water Sensor- Installing a water sensor is a smart way to be informed immediately when a water leak is detected.  Taking a proactive measure like this can mean the difference in minimal damages versus serious damages.  You can find water sensors at most home improvement stores at a reasonable price.  Once installed you can get alerts on your phone of any water leak.

Install a Sump Pump- This is a must!  Should your business property be flooded, having a sump pump provides a way to drain that water outside.  A key tip is to invest in a battery-powered backup system that will ensure it will be working even if there is a power outage. Make sure a licensed professional installs the sump pump to ensure it is working effectively and properly and have it routinely inspected.

Inspect Potential Plumbing Issues- Go around your business property and look for potential signs of water issues such as a leaky pipe(s) or any other plumbing concern.  If you detect mold, wet/damp wall or floor, or a significant change in the water bill, you may have a plumbing concern that needs to be addressed and rectified.

Notice Drainage Issues- Look for areas around your property that may be low-lying which could lead to drainage issues or excess water buildup.  If detected, it is recommended you hire a professional drainage expert or landscaper that can reconfigure that area to fix the problem.

Purchase Sandbags for Severe Weather Conditions- Severe weather can hit anytime so you need to be prepared for when it does.  If there is a prediction of severe storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, it is wise to invest in sandbags to divert water and debris from entering your business.

Routinely Inspect Your Roof- Leaking roofs can cause significant water damage if not detected.  It is wise to routinely have your roof inspected for rot, missing shingles, mold, and decay. Also, make sure you regularly have your gutters cleaned so that water does not overflow.

Examine the Exterior of Your Business- Inspect the outside areas to look for potential areas that are exposed to the elements.  Make sure you check any gaps or cracks around your windows, doors. and any other areas where water could leak inside.  If you do see concerns, take action to correct the issue by sealing/caulking.  

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