Teen DriverYour children grow up quickly and before you know it, they are certifiably licensed Alabama drivers, but what does that mean to your auto insurance premium?  Your teen driver may be excited to get behind the wheel of the car, but there are some things to consider before that happens.  Find out what it means to insure your teen driver.

4 Conditions that May Impact Adding Your Teen Driver to Your Alabama Auto Insurance Policy

Before you add your teen driver to your current Alabama car insurance policy, there are other relative factors you need to contemplate and discuss with your local independent insurance agent.

Age Factor- Because your teen driver is young, it also means he/she is inexperienced. Regardless of how often your teen studied the driving manuals and how well he/she aced the driving course(s), it still comes down to “inexperience” and that is directly related to an increase of an auto accident happening.

Male Vs. Female- The sex of your teen driver matters. Statistically, young males are more likely (2 times as often) to die in an auto accident than females in the age range of 16-19, which means if you are insuring a male teen driver, you can expect a higher insurance rate.

How Often Your Teen Drives- Discuss with your local Alabama independent insurance agent whether your teen will be driving the car solely, sharing with other family members, or rarely operating the vehicle. The more your teen is on the road, the more likely an auto accident may occur.  If your teen plans to drive frequently, it may result in an increase in your Alabama auto insurance rate.

Type of Vehicle- Keep in mind that if your teen driver is operating a car that is sportier, faster, and on the newer side, you may open your car insurance bill to see a hike in the insurance rate. A teen driving an 8-cylinder car can lead to speeding, which in turn can increase the likelihood of a car crash.  The make and model of the car your teen will be driving will impact the auto insurance premium.  If you are considering a specific type of car for your teen, please contact your local Alabama independent insurance agent for quotes.

Despite a Rate Increase, You Can Save Money  

Factually speaking, there is no way to avoid an increase in your Alabama auto insurance premium when you add other drivers, especially teen drivers; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some discounts to offset (to a degree) the hike.

We, at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, understand the degree to which you want your teen driver to stay safe on the roads and can assist you in getting the best insurance coverage for you and your family within a budget you can afford.  We can assist you with any available discounts that your teen may qualify for to help in the cost of your Alabama car insurance premium.  Give us a call TODAY at 256-704-7400 to discuss teen driving safety and Alabama auto insurance.