Why You Need Boat InsuranceIt’s that time of year again!  It’s finally warm enough to spend time on your boat with family and friends while enjoying the water and breeze.  Having a great time is on the forefront of your mind, but operating a boat does come with its share of risks. You know that safety is essential when out on the water, but keep in mind that accidents can and do happen that could result in damages and injuries to others.  Boat insurance is protection you need to protect you, your passengers, other people, and personal property.  Owning a boat is certainly a pleasure and luxury, but having the right type of boat insurance is essential for the protection you need and deserve.

Whether you own a houseboat, sailboat, powerboat, or personal watercraft such as WaveRunners or Jet Skis, you need to have the right coverage which does depend on various factors such as size, value, age, and condition of the boat.

Some Ways Insurance Protects Your Boat, You, and Others

Depending on your unique situation, you may have available coverage for your boat under your Alabama homeowners insurance policy or you may need to buy a separate policy. Having a separate boat policy typically provides broader coverage and higher limits of liability than what is offered under a homeowners policy.  If you have any questions about whether you need a separate boat policy, contact your local Alabama independent insurance agent for further assistance.  It’s recommended you talk with your agent about your unique situation, coverage limits and policy limitations, exclusions, and provisions to ensure you have the right boat protection.

Boat Insurance Coverage Options

Everyone wants a safe experience on the water, but when the unexpected situation happens, you need to be ready.  Below are some common coverage options for boats.

Liability- This is protection for bodily injuries and property damages that occur as a result of your negligence. This may include the passengers on your boat who are injured, any other injuries to people on another boat or watercraft, and any property damaged such as a dock or another boat.

Physical Damage– This is protection for your boat and boating equipment, along with the outboard motor and/or trailer, if it’s integrated in your boat policy. For example, if your boat is damaged in severe weather, vandalized, or you collide with an obstacle resulting in damages to your boat, you have protection to have it repaired/replaced.

Medical Expenses for Injuries- This provides protection for the costs of medical expenses incurred (regardless of negligence) to you, your family members and others sustaining injury. 

Additional Coverage Options- This may include specific personal effects such as fishing equipment or clothing.  Another extra includes emergency services such as towing should you become stranded due to mechanical issues, battery failure, or running out of gas.

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