College Student’s Insurance Needs

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If you have a son or daughter attending a college or university away from home you should consider how they are covered for loss of their possessions while living in a dorm room or apartment.  College students today arrive at school with a wealth of electronic gadgets including laptops, smartphones, ipads, tablets, flat screen TV’s and not to mention textbooks, clothing and furnishings.  The cost of higher education today is often a financial burden for most families. So, its probably a good idea to guard against an unforeseen loss of your student’s possessions at this critical time of financial stress. The easiest way to do this is through your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy.  Most homeowner insurance policies will cover up to 10% of your personal property limit for possessions away from home.  If your policy has a personal property limit of $100,000, your student could expect to have $10,000 worth of coverage for their possessions while away at school.  You need to read your policy and understand the conditions that must be met for this to apply.  Not all policies read alike and some may require special endorsements. Another way to cover the risk is to purchase a separate renter’s insurance policy.  The beauty of this method is that should a loss occur, your homeowner policy  will not be called upon in a claim and you may avoid a price surcharge at renewal.  You can also set the limit of coverage needed which could be greater than the 10% limit found in your homeowner policy.  A renter’s insurance policy will also bypass any question that could arise about your son or daughter being a dependent or meeting a definition of being a full time student as may be required under your homeowner policy.  Renter’s insurance is relatively inexpensive when compared to your homeowner policy and provides valuable protection. Contact your independent insurance broker who can discuss what’s best for your situation or call us and we will be glad to help you determine your needs and provide a...

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Am I covered if my tree falls on my neighbors property?

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A tree falling is normally considered an Act of God and no responsibility is attached to you. Your neighbor’s homeowner or auto insurance policy will cover the damage caused by your tree falling across property lines assuming your neighbor is properly insured. An exception to this could occur if you know your tree is susceptible to falling because it is weak and shows signs of deterioration. If you know this or if your neighbor informs you that your tree poses a danger to his property, you could be determined to be negligent for not remedying the problem and thereby held liable. It is possible that your homeowner insurance policy could be called upon to provide coverage when you are negligent. This would result in a claim against you. If you are determined to have been negligent by not taking care of your tree, you could risk being non-renewed by your current insurance company. Finding a new homeowner policy could be difficult and certainly more expensive. So, if you know you have a problem tree, it would be best to take care of it before it falls and causes damage to your neighbor’s home or auto and be a good...

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I’m getting a divorce. How will it affect my insurance?

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So, you’re getting a divorce and you need to know how that will affect your insurance. It is very important that you consider the impact that divorce will have on your insurance now and after the divorce is final. Often it is completely overlooked by your advisors and it is good that you’re thinking about it. The first thing you should do is to let your insurance agent know about it and seek his advice. There are 3 primary lines of insurance that you need to consider: 1) Homeowners or Renters Insurance. Most policies will cover up to 10% of your contents or personal property away from the primary residence. If you move out of the your home, before the divorce is complete, be aware of this limitation. You may want to purchase an additional policy to protect your belongings at the new residence. 2) Auto Insurance. Auto insurance policies define “Who is an insured” as a resident household member. If you move out of the household and take your car with you, you may no longer qualify as an insured under the policy’s definitions. That could mean that you have no coverage. Should you choose to leave the marital residence prior to divorce and take your car with you, it would probably be in your interest to purchase a new auto policy and remove your car from your old policy. Do not attempt to cancel your old auto insurance policy as your spouse will need continuing coverage. You should notify your soon to be ex-spouse of your actions so that they can adjust their insurance accordingly. It is very important that you communicate with all parties involved including your spouse, attorney and insurance agent. There are many issues at stake until the divorce is final. Remember, you’re still married. If your spouse becomes involved in an at-fault auto accident and incurs liability you could be adversely affected. 3) Life Insurance. Life insurance ownership and beneficieres need to be checked. You may need to change beneficieres from your spouse to another family member or trust. This is very important when the wellfare of children are involved. Again, consult with you attorney and insurance agent for advice. This is a very complicated area especially when children and business interests are...

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Are my jewelry, fine art and guns insured by my homeowners policy?

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The answer is yes, but it is usually limited to a maximum dollar loss and only covered for specific causes of the loss. Your jewelry, fine art (original art work like oil paintings or sculptures), or guns (firearms) are usually covered by the basic homeowner insurance policy. The insurance companies will limit the loss covered to a stated dollar amount and will also limit the causes of the loss. This means that you may only have $2,000 worth of coverage for all your jewelry and its only covered for losses caused by fire or storms. Theft losses may not be covered at all. It all depends on how the policy is written and every company does it differently. So, what can you do? You want to know that your investment is properly covered. The best answer is contact your professional independent insurance agent. They will help you select the right insurance company with the proper endorsements or seperate inland marine policies to protect your valuable property. Don’t wait until you have a theft loss only to discover your company won’t cover...

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What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Letting a Contractor Begin Work on Their Home

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So you need a new roof on your home and you have a contractor ready to begin work, should you let him start? Well, not if he hasn’t shown you proof of insurance coverage! Did you know that you could be held responsible for his employees’ injuries on the job if he does not have a Worker Compensation policy? If an employee rolls off the roof and is hurt or even worse paralyzed for life you may be left paying for it. Be sure your contractor has Worker Compensation insurance before they start work. Have him provide you with a Certificate of Insurance from his insurance agent. You’ll sleep better knowing that he’s got you...

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Is your rental house being non-renewed?

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If you’ve received a non-renewal notice from your insurance company that the house you own and lease to someone else, you need to contact us! We have several insurance companies that want to insure your rental homes. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you. 256-704-7400

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Up to 22% Discount with Travelers for Multi-Policies

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Travelers is now offering up to 22% off when you have both your home insurance and auto insurance with them. Call us and find out if you’re eligible!

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